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The Real Reveal

When seeking ‘real’ love, you will start to ask questions, find real answers, and eventually grow to a place where real love is discovered!  During this phase, you are heading toward, or are in a relationship with your “soul mate”- this is the person who challenges you, “drives you crazy,” and stirs your deepest passion. Your soul mate can be your greatest teacher, leading you to your destination of authentic love. By taking the ‘Real Reveal’ test, you are embarking on an amazing journey to the truth of who you are when it comes to love. At The Lodge Social ClubTM, we are so excited to provide an enlightening experience that will lead you to your perfect ‘Mate.’  

We can’t wait to experience ‘your’ love story!

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part chemical attraction, part compatibility


When taking the Real Reveal ‘light,’ you may choose only ONE answer for each question. Do your best to choose the answer that honestly reflects the ‘truth’ in you – not the answer you think you’re supposed to choose, or the one that makes you ‘look better.’ This is an opportunity to get real with yourself so that you can better understand YOU when it comes to love; the kind of ‘mate’ you attract, the kind of mate you are, AND most importantly, the kind of mate you need – Real love is waiting!

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